Mick St. John is a licensed California private investigator based in Los Angeles.

Mick is dedicated to providing professional, discreet, thorough, investigative services to private citizens. His clients have included both middle-class families and leaders of business.

Mick’s specialties include:

  • Criminal investigation
  • Missing persons
  • Stolen property
  • Surveillance
  • People protection and security

An army veteran with a nose that’s been compared to a bloodhound, Mick excels at fieldwork and has even solved murders before the police did. He employs the latest investigative techniques such as computer-based search and analysis. Trained in forensic evidence collection procedures, Mick can ensure that evidence discovered during an investigation will not compromise any future legal proceedings.

Mick maintains ties with the LAPD and District Attorney’s office, and has consulted for them on high-profile cases such as the Amir Fayed murder trial.

Private detective services are not too expensive for the average person. While Mick generally charges on a per-hour basis, he understands that every case is unique. Contact Mick for an assessment of your personal situation. Whether you enlist his services or not, confidentiality is guaranteed.

Mick is bonded and insured for $2,000,000.